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A strong and stable structural system is the basis for good health. Our center provides specialized treatments to ensure proper correction and rehabilitation. Our chiropractic techniques not only treat spinal injuries but also the extremities, temporomandibular joints, and cranial bones. Dr. Merritt and Dr. Sara are trained in 17 different techniques that enables them to successfully treat their patients with low-force, gentle and effective techniques.

Dr. Merritt is certified in chiropractic acupuncture (C.Ac.) and is professionally trained to use traditional needles and also an electro-acupuncture technique. Magnets, a laser light or essential oils over acupuncture points may be administered. Acupuncture can helps tremendously with pain, weight loss, headaches, menstrual irregularities, and other chronic ailments.

Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center has a certified licensed massage therapist on staff who offers a unique blend of therapeutic deep tissue releases, sports therapies, Swedish and stress relief techniques as well as acupressure to compliment the doctor’s care.


Dr. Merritt is also a Certified Traditional Naturopath (C.T.N.) and has researched numerous nutritional dietary programs and will customize a plan for you. Extensive health tests such as blood work, PH balances of urine and saliva, hair and stool tests, oriental diagnosis techniques, allergy tests and symptoms questionnaires provide a personalized analysis. In your report, you will be informed of what system in your body is weakest and then guided on lifestyle changes. Your diet will be modified, pure whole-food supplements and herbs will be recommended, and then follow up visits and goals are set.

Our center has provided long-term help and relief for simple ailments such as the common cold and more chronic and diseased states of illnesses such as cancers, hashimoto’s auto immune disorder, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, heart disease, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Many patients may continue care with their primary care physician and receive our alternative health methods. At our center, your present medications or conditions are carefully considered when supplement formulas and dietary recommendations are given. This will prevent possible drug/nutrient interactions. Our goal is to work closely with your other physicians and balance your care. Many of our patients other doctors have been able to reduce or eliminate their medications when they follow our program. This is why we want to work side by side with them for your benefit.


A well-balanced emotional state can greatly increase your overall health. Our center offers varied stress relief methods. Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage all help with stress and pain control. We teach our patients proper breathing techniques, stretches and visualization methods that increase natural endorphins or pain relief hormones.

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