An Alternative Approach to Help Diabetics – by Dr. Lisa A. Merritt

An Alternative Approach to Help Diabetics – by Dr. Lisa A. Merritt


Diabetes is a National Crisis

The conventional avenues for treatment occur when the condition is already in a pathological state and medication appears as the only route for care. The medical health care professionals are not reaching the public early enough to avoid irreversible damage of heart, eye, kidney diseases, skin ulcerations and vascular insufficiencies. Diabetes I, II and 1 ½ (the new “in between” condition), currently affects more than 35,000 Americans per year. In fact, only 1 in 4 know that they have Type II. Diabetes is the leading cause of death of more than 76,488 United States citizens.

How We Can Help

Diabetic services from Weddington Wellness at Blakeney assists in reduction of symptoms such as headaches, neuropathies, hypertension, weight gain, sleep issues, muscle/joint aches and fatigue. Many of our patients first come in for neuromusculoskeletal concerns but find that our alternative care programs offer tremendous help with preventive and degenerative processes over and above treating only the “DIS-EASE”.

Our office offers a triangle approach of Structural, Chemical and Emotional care. By viewing the three sides to achieving total health, the patient optimizes their health. One side of the triangle is the STRUCTURAL side. The structural side entails gentle chiropractic mobilization, therapeutic massage therapy, non-invasive pain-free cold laser, corrective exercises, circulatory foot orthotics and acupuncture. Many diabetics or pre-diabetics improve with this structural approach because the neuropathy and muscular functions are hindered. Chiropractic nerve impingement at T7 can affect the beta cells of the pancreas which influence an insulin response. Also, one of our recommended treatments called LUMIX cold laser Class IV therapy, has shown in recent research that it can reduce neuropathy pain, vascular insufficiencies and tissue ulceration damage by 30-50% within 6 weeks of treatment. The laser therapy helps restore the cellular integrity of the destroyed cells and stimulates the dormant non-functioning cells into action.

Individuals that have been 30% overweight and particularly have increased upper body fat for over thirty years are at great risk for getting diabetes. Many diabetics are given dietary guidelines but many do not follow it. This primarily happens because the diabetic is not fully educated the necessity to improve their everyday habits and choices. Of the NUTRITIONAL side of the triangle, we believe in educating and offering classes to make making low calorie nutrient rich meals and snacks easier and more mindful. Our comprehensive blood panels advance further than just the HA1c and glucose markers and include Fructosamine, LDH and even electrolytes. A full panel of the lipids, biliary system and kidney functions are also closely monitored in the functional optimum ranges. Our patients receive dietary guidance of learning low glycemic and high quality foods. Also, there are many nutraceutical supplements for diabetics and patients with blood sugar issues that are specific to nourish the pancreas, adrenals that improve blood quality using supplemental products that may include Chromium, Zinc, Magnesium, Vanadyl Sulfate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gymnema and B complex. These nutraceuticals can co-care with medicines (if necessary) and or stabilize the insulin output without medicines. We welcome co-care with their primary physician networks as an adjunctive service especially when advanced stages are irreparable. Even our patients with genetic diabetic disposition can benefit from healthier lifestyle habits.

Of the third side of care being the EMOTIONAL factor, we observe neurotransmitter or brain connections for learning biofeedback tools that improve sleep, lessen fatigue and stress management verses using excessive sleep aides, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Many diabetics suffer from brain fog, fatigue and irritability and our alternative care plans may avoid this from happening. Our office has the latest technological trademarked certified biofeedback program called Heartmath that teaches the patient how to regulate stress and improve their coping skills. Along with the Heartmath sessions, particular neurotransmitter stress reduction herbal supplements and acupuncture can be very effective for those in need.

A Holistic Health Care Approach

When a total health approach is assessed by our functional medicine healthcare physicians, the patient’s care plan is customized and personalized. Each individual is closely monitored with periodic follow ups so that if any revisions are needed the latest and most current research is applied.

Weddington Wellness at Blakeney embraces early education and proactive care so many pre-diabetic insulin resistant patients would never advance to the detrimental stages of diabetes and not suffer from this DIS-EASED state.


Dr. Lisa A. Merritt

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