How to protect your body naturally from the summer sun?

How to protect your body naturally from the summer sun?


Five Natural Tips for a Healthy and FUN Summer!

Summer’s here and the sunny days are longer so here are ideas to stay outside and avoid trouble.

1. Avoid dehydration:

Purified water (avoid tap) is the first choice but also include coconut water, decaffeinated herbal tea and fresh vegetables that have high water content, e.g. melons, lettuces, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, etc. These foods will replenish your system but also remember that processed and denatured foods (chips, breads, pastries, sodas, etc. will retain water and dehydrate you more. To calculate how many ounces of water you need divide your body weight in half. If you excessively perspire increase your fluids.

2. Use natural sunscreen:

a. Zinc, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil, camelina seed oil and almond oil all have SPF protection. Carrot seed oil has 40 SPF and raspberry has 30 SPF!
b. If you have a mild burn, try aloe, coconut and argan oil to help repair sunburnt skin.
c. Wear UV shirts, cotton and light weight fabrics to keep sun off but remember we need 10-15 minutes without any sunscreen to help make your body’s own Vitamin D.
d. Go to your local healthfood store or try our natural product called SophytpPro SPF30 as a smart alternative to harsh chemical sunscreens.

3. Bug Repellants:

a. If you are in a mild nuisance area natural products with DEET protection can repel the nasty bugs from biting you. Look for ingredients that include eucalyptus, cedar wood, tea tree oil, geranium oil in a base of almond oil. Unfortunately, we do suggest using the chemical repellants if you are in a potentially disease-carrying bug area but if you can use the above ingredients all other times give it a try!
b. Use citronella candles or an oil of lemon eucalyptus essential oil on skin, get a fan, plant mint, catnip and marigolds in your yard to avoid bugs. Empty stagnant water tubs so mosquitoes can’t breed.
c. Bats, birds and spiders can keep nasty bugs away too so think twice before you use a swatter.
d. Avoid dusk and dawn hours. Most bugs are active at that time.
e. Bugs are attracted to perspiration and they smell the carbon dioxide emitted from your body as far as a 160 feet away! Try to stay calm and serene. If you’ve exercised cool off inside to avoid any bites.
f. Some studies say that your Blood Type can attract more bugs. Type O is bitten the worst verses Type A is less likely to get bit!

4. Gardening:

a. Anyone who has one sunny spot for 5-6 hours can plant a yummy tomato plant or fresh herbs like basil or parsley.
b. Getting in the dirt to grow something you can actually eat is most rewarding!
c. Community garden spaces are also a great idea too!
d. If you can’t grow your own, then support our local organic farmers and go to a farmer’s market or stand. They work hard all year to harvest their crops so help them as often as you can. It taste better and has more nutrients when freshly picked.

5. Things to Do to Stay Cool:

a. Fresh Springs are best! Take a trip to the mountains and dip your feet in! Spring water has lots of natural minerals that are healing and restorative. There are great swimming locations near Asheville and up near Boone.
b. Don’t swim in stagnant water because it may have more bacterias in it.
c. Local pools are fun but remember all that chlorine is not so good for you either.
d. The ocean also has healthy minerals and it is basically purified on its own.
e. Enjoy the shade under a big oak tree, swing on a hammock and have a picnic. Go camping, canoeing, whitewater rafting or kayaking.
f. Last but not least, stay cool by taking that “Dog Day Afternoon” nap! Remember that’s when your body repairs and regains energy to enjoy each day.

Dr. Lisa A. Merritt



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