Dr. Lisa A. Merritt, D.C., C.T.N., C.Ac.


Meet Dr. Lisa A. Merritt

Dr. Lisa A. Merritt is the founder of our center and has been a resident of North Carolina since 1982. Dr. Merritt became licensed as a chiropractic physician (D.C.) in 1980. In 1999 she further progressed to become a Certified Traditional Naturopath (C.T.N.), a certified chiropractic acupuncturist (C.Ac.) and certified in chiropractic rehab physical therapeutics. The doctor’s unique specialties incorporate a structural, chemical and mental approach which offers her patients a holistic treatment to achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Merritt has a passion that was passed down from her late father, Charles S. Alchermes, Jr., D.C., a well-known chiropractor and professor. Dr. Merritt offers lectures/workshops on healthy lifestyle methods. Titles such as “Boosting Your Immune System, Balancing Your Hormones, Help My Thyroid, Acupuncture Works, Spinal Care, Sports Injury Prevention, Healthy Ideas for a Sneaky Cook and Alternative Medicine”, are interesting and informative for varied groups, churches or organizations. Dr. Merritt continues to participate in advanced seminars about functional medicine, and is a member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Lisa Merritt and her husband, William, reside in Marvin, North Carolina. Their combined family of six children and four grandchildren keeps them active in many family and community events.


If you would like to have Dr. Merritt speak to your group, contact the office @ 704-870-0532 for more information.



For more information on improving your health: check out our blog.

Here are articles written about and by Dr. Merritt:
“It’s All About Balance for Dr. Lisa Merritt” – The Charlotte Observer – December 2006
“The Triangle of Health”, Chiropractic Economics – 2011

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