Savoring Your Vacation

Savoring Your Vacation

When your vacation time is set and you’ve got an itinerary of things to do during your holiday, here are 8 ways to get the most out of it all.

Planning and Expectations

Take your time planning on what you want to do. Whether this is an annual event or a new destination, make sure you stay creative. If the place you’re going to has indoor or outdoor choices, think of all the different personalities of the people joining you, and common interests of all. Decide if you, your family and friends will limit television time, technologies items like the cell phone, video games or computers. A technology break can help you try new fun things and activities. To limit stress, review all the expenses beforehand. Discuss everyone’s goals or ideas while on you’re on your vacation. Some people may want to sleep in, some may want to get up for sunrise, some may like late night events and that may be difficult for healthy sleep patterns. Being respectful but also a good match on similar interests can make an easier time for all. Also, planning activities like fishing, hiking, water sports or sightseeing needs good organization and compliance of the time schedule. Remember different ages require different activities and some need more rest.


Before you leave, prepare yourself for the time ahead on vacation. Prepare your packing and don’t over schedule before your trip. By getting proper rest beforehand, you’ll have more energy for your fun time ahead.  Also, preparing for jet lag (pre/post) can protect your immune system too. Whether you vacation is a simple or a complex time, preserving your energy will allow more energy when you need it.


Remember you and those with you are treasuring moments, so be in the moment, and relax! Laughter is the best medicine and take the time to cherish those you are with. Sometimes unexpected events occur and try to be the one who handles the situations with calmness and clear thinking. Go with the flow!


Where you may go there may be more physical demands such as terrain changes or altitude. Breathe the fresh mountain or sea salted air. Savor it!! Think about what shoes you should wear to prevent blisters on your feet. And there will be different pillows and beds so think of bringing your pillow if you are able to tote it along. Our special stretches will help loosen those tight muscles. For travel comfort is the car or plane, use a towel or blanket for seat cushions or pillows under your neck or low back when sitting or resting. If you are in a culturally different environment experience and enjoy the different music and activities but remember you might’ve not danced the Limbo or Macarena in a long time!


It’s always fun to try new foods, but that’s when trouble can arise. Whether you are eating out or cooking in, you’ll have a change in diet along with perhaps fancy cocktails. Heartburn, diarrhea and constipation can be avoided with proper precautions.


Montezuma’s Revenge (bacterial diarrhea), motion sickness, stings, and sunburn can all ruin a vacation. Pay attention to the tourists rules about water and foods. Don’t be too explorative with unusual foods. Stay well hydrated and keep up on fiber rich foods if you tend to get constipated. Watch your time in the sun if you’re closer to the equator. Be on the lookout for jellyfish or bees. Natural remedies are listed below.

Remedies- Here are some natural things to do:


  1. Exercises for Bed Back/or Spasms: Watch your posture when carrying luggage or when sightseeing. Even lounge chairs can make your back tighten. Before and after your vacation, come into the office for your chiropractic treatment. We will give you therapeutic yoga stretches to ease your back.
  2. Foods to Eat: In tropical climates limit excess raw foods or be sure they’re washed properly. Limit excess starches and sugars. Only drink pure water with squeezed lemon/lime and coconut water is refreshing too. Vinegar dressings over salads can help you with digestion. And burnt toast and rice can help with looser bowel disorders. Enjoy sautéed vegetables and yogurt for better bowel function as well.
  3. Supplements to bring: Ask us about our digestive enzymes (HCL Prozyme), constipation product (Colon Rx), diarrhea (Biodolphilus 7), Ultra Virx (viruses), Catecholacalm (sleep aid), Adaptocrine (jet lag) and Young Living  Essential Oils: Stress Away, Digeze and Thieves
  4. Acupuncture points: Our specific acupressure points for backache, motion sickness, jet lag, hangovers, constipation, heartburn and food poisoning.
  5. Chiropractic and therapeutic modalities: When you return, our treatments will help you with musculoskeletal pain.
  6. Cold Laser: If your return with any unfortunate sprains/strains, our laser is a painless treatment to help expedite healing.

Retrospect and Coming Home

Vacations can be a time for reflection and appreciation of what we have in life. It can be a good time to set some new goals too. Also, it good to think about the time you had and decide if you’d like to return to the same place or go somewhere else. Make a pros and cons list. After any vacation, it should hopefully have you feeling revived re-focused for work/home life. You should feel energized, happy and at peace. If you’re dreading going back to the grind of things it may be a time to review if what you’re doing is the best of choices for you. Traveling and getting away is a great experience but ultimately your everyday life and environment should also be gratifying so don’t have to escape from it. Home life can be paced and planned too. Activities and interests can still be fulfilled. Balancing work and play can develop healthy stress coping skills and are attainable.  With the right perspective, you can savor today and treasure it too!


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