Cold Laser Pain Therapy

Cold Laser Pain Therapy At Weddington Wellness

What are the Conditions Cold Laser Helps With?

  • Muscle, Tendon, & Ligament Repair
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Arthritis, Arthrosis
  • Neck and Low Back Spinal Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs
  • Knee/Ankle Injuries
  • Pain Relief
  • Expedites Tissue Healing of Sprains and Strains
  • Neuropathies (Sciatica, Diabetic, and Shingles)
  • Post-Surgical Repair (Safe with screws/metal plates)
  • Shoulder/Elbow Injuries
  • Temporomandibular Jaw Pain

The Treatment

At Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center, our Class IV Lumix and MR4 Multi Radiance machines are effective methods for healing. Using non-invasive painless treatments, these enhanced technology units safely penetrate specific super pulsed frequency of light waves to heal damaged tissue in a matter of minutes. Both units are applicable for different purposes and the doctors will determine which one the technician should use. Cold laser therapy is used worldwide. Many sports professionals from college teams to Olympians have benefited from the therapy.

How It Works

When our cells are chemically damaged, they signal the pain response of our central nervous system. Laser energy excites our cells by transmitting healing light through the skin and into the deeper affected area. Once the light reaches the ATP in the cells of the body, they promote the healing process. The healing process can occur in all tissue including muscles, ligaments, and even bone. Laser therapy light can ignite the production of enzymes, stimulate mitochondria, increase vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, and elevate collagen formation substances to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

How Long Does It Take?

Cold laser therapy is frequently used in our office for many patients who have a focal point of injury or pain. The treatment is less than 10 minutes and depending on the chronicity or level of injury, results can be seen within 3-12 visits with on occasion, periodic maintenance follow ups. We suggest the twelve-session package for optimal results. Our laser therapy is included as one of the several wellness plans we offer for your economical convenience.

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