Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage At Weddington Wellness

Why Do We Recommend Body Work Therapeutic Massage at Our Center?

  • Under Doctor’s Supervision as a Team
  • Clinical and Serene Setting
  • Balances Faulty Movement Muscle Patterns
  • Complements WCWC’s Chiropractic and Wellness Care
  • Improves Circulation
  • Stress and Fatigue Reduction
  • Addresses Trigger Point Muscles That Hinder Joint Movement
  • Effective Detox Lymphatic Drainage
  • Safe Techniques for Pregnant Women

Neuromuscular Therapy

The tension from everyday stress, sports injuries, and prolonged sitting or standing at work can take permanent residence in our bodies. Over time, this energy stored in your body changes who you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our massage therapists are trained to find this tension and release it using a technique called Neuromuscular therapy. Neuromuscular therapy works directly with the fascia in your body which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus improving the flow of nutrients to the tissues and the removal of toxins from the body. Massage therapy improves flexibility and joint range of motion, reduces inflammation, and improves muscle tone.

Clinical Therapeutic Massages

In our serene massage therapy suite, you will experience a clinical therapeutic massage from one of our certified licensed massage therapists, Dale Snider or Jenay Diaz, that may incorporate other healing modalities such as aromatherapy, touch for health, prenatal massage and lymphatic drainage therapy. Unlike other massage spa centers, our massage therapists follow our clinical setting under the guidance of our doctors and are allowed to provide a more specific and effective treatment.

The Personalized Approach

At WCWC, our massage therapists work alongside Dr. Merritt and Dr. Butkovich to create a personalized approach for our patients to bring your body and mind into perfect balance. Many of our patients receive a therapeutic massage to release the tense muscles that are part of the joint and nerve pressure. This is found increase the ability for the doctor’s to have a more effective treatment. With this dual approach, we can get to the root cause of your problem and speed up the healing process by releasing these imbalances or restrictions and reducing the stress placed on our central nervous system. We are then able to use our innate ability to self-heal and restore our body back to equilibrium.

Massage Services

Massage services can be provided as separate from other services. New patients meet our doctor briefly before a session to note any circulatory health issue along with blood pressure screening at no additional charge. We offer 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions along with packaged discounted rates. We welcome your call at 704-817-7618 to set your appointment.

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