Sharpen Your Senses

Sharpen Your Senses

Sharpen Your Senses

The five senses create an intelligence in the brain to perceive its body, mind and environment. The senses orchestrate how to re-balance the body and provide an impression of the world around us. They are God given gifts to mediate the information on what step is next to maintain health and wellness.

Our perceptual process allows us to experience our environment. Every day we look for familiar and unfamiliar objects, we touch and feel things against our skin, smell and taste pleasant or unpleasant things and hear music, voices and noises around us. When we receive these stimuli, we respond based on that information.

Optimum health is maintained when all the senses are at their peak function. This perception becomes a proprioception involving our ability to move and think from using all five senses. If the sound is too loud we move away, if the taste is distasteful we don’t eat it, if the touch is too firm we reject it and if the eyes see too much brightness we cover them.

Our senses are heightened when we are cognizant with what we eat, see, hear, touch and smell. Memories, instincts and emotions are all built from use of the five senses. Accumulative reactions from a sense, e.g. Mom’s apple pie or memories of Grandpa’s hugs will stay in the heart and mind forever.

The Five Basic Senses


Our ears can be damaged by destroying the nerve hair cells in the ear by loud noise. Hearing can be reduced by having poor circulation to the ears. The connection from the brain to the sensory nerves can also affect hearing. Avoiding loud noises preventing heart disease and diabetes are some factors to maintain good hearing. Also by improving nerve flow with chiropractic care, increasing proper circulation to the ears and adding nutrients such as B12 Folates, Omega 3 oils, and zinc can augment hearing throughout the years. Listening to pleasant voices nature sounds and gentle music bring delight to this sense for peace and tranquility.
BASIC SUPPORT: Biotics VasculoSirt & EFA-Sirt Supreme (anti-aging formulas)
HEARING: Apex Neuro2


Deep and controlled breathing is a practice taught by many healing masters. Our sense of smell brings back memories and emotions. Smell also tells if there is danger by smoke or chemicals. In fact, when toxic smells are constant they can damage the sense of smell. Allergies, sinus issues, infections and neurological diseases all affect smell. Breathing brings in oxygen and exhaling releases carbon dioxide and poisons. Smell improves with aromatherapy of peppermint, cinnamon and lemon. To smell and taste better you need B vitamins (mainly folate and B12). Zinc and magnesium are minerals that can also improve the sense of smell. BASIC SUPPORT: Biotics VasculoSirt & EFA-Sirt Supreme (anti-aging formulas) SMELLING: Biotics HistoPlex


Dehydration from caffeine, alcohol and some medications can cause dryness of the tongue and affect taste. B vitamins (B12, Folates and Thiamine), Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids are consistent to support this sense as well. Bitter tastes (nontoxic) can help improve the taste buds. They decrease food cravings for sweets and improve the metabolism. BASIC SUPPORT: Biotics VasculoSirt & EFA-Sirt Supreme (anti-aging formulas) TASTING: Biotics ZN-Zyme Forte


Our eyes need healthy corneas and adequate blood vessels flow. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, lutein, zinc with copper and omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients that maintain healthy eyes. High antioxidants, anthocyanins and astaxanthins can help prevent poor sight, cataracts and macular degeneration. Foods such as kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, seaweeds, salmon, blueberries and black currant seeds have all been researched to help improve eye health. BASIC SUPPORT: Biotics VasculoSirt & EFA-Sirt Supreme (anti-aging formulas) SEEING: Biotics Optic Plus


As our skin thins or when the elasticity changes so can our sense of touch. Nerve damage and poor circulation can also affect touch. Touch is the fundamental sense for well-being. Without touch, we reduce the functions of our immune system. Touch is a therapy used for improving moods and sense of security. Receiving and giving hugs increases our serotonin which is a neurotransmitter for happiness and contentment. Treatments of massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and some therapeutic exercises can also help cognitive functions. Niacin and B12 are some of the nutrients that assist the skin’s nerve cells. BASIC SUPPORT: Biotics VasculoSirt & EFA-Sirt Supreme (anti-aging formulas) TOUCHING: Bio B 100

What Does It All Mean?

Food creates our bodily tissues but sensory impressions determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions. Weddington Wellness is here to help you awaken your five senses by offering tools to enhance them. Our nutritional program analyses your deficiencies and provides a lifestyle, dietary and supplemental protocol to support your areas of weakness. We offer specific treatments to assist the five senses with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture points, massage therapies for the sinuses, cold laser, biofeedback for stress management and specialized therapeutic exercises. The brain responds by taking the vibration of each of the senses and turns them into thought recreating us to be who we are. We are created to use all five senses to be healthy, happy and intelligent. It is a way we become more in tune and contribute to the environment with heightened and sharpened senses.


  1. HEARING: SJ 3, 4, 5, 17&21, SI 19, GB2&41 GV20
  3. TASTING: ST6,36 &45, ear ST
  4. SEEING: ST43, B58, GB37, Amnian, LI4&5
  5. TOUCHING: LU9, PC6, HT7; LV3, toe webs


  1. The cranial nerves provide motor and sensory innervation mainly to the structures within the head and neck.
  2. The sensory innervation includes both “general” sensation such as temperature and touch, and “special” innervation such as tastevisionsmell, balance and hearing.
  3. The vagus nerve (X) provides sensory and autonomic (parasympathetic) motor innervation to structures in the neck and also to most of the organs in the chest and abdomen.
  4. The cervical vertebra 1 & 2 can influence the brain stem and assist with all five senses.
  5. Our services of Cold laser therapy, Massage and specific neurological exercises can ALSO help improve nerve functions that relate with the five senses.

A Little History…

The birth of Chiropractic is September 18, 1895. Daniel David Palmer, the father of Chiropractic, was in his Davenport, Iowa office on the second floor of the Ryan Block building. He examined a partially deaf man named Harvey Lillard (the janitor of the building), and found a spinal misalignment on his spine. Harvey conveyed that 17 years prior he was in a cramped stooped position and felt his back “pop” and he immediately lost most of his hearing. Mr. Lillard couldn’t hear his watch tick or hear the racket of the wagons on the street. Dr. Palmer asked to correct the misalignment and Mr. Lillard fully regained his hearing!

What Can Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center Do For You?

Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center of Blakeney seeks to provide a balanced approach to obtain health by utilizing all five senses. Our services of chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, functional medicine nutritional care and SPECIFIC therapeutic exercises are effective ways to maintain the five healthy senses. When you enter our office, we anticipate you will see smiling and caring faces that greet you, the aroma of an essential oil to be smelled, the healing touch of our doctors and massage therapist’s treatments, and the sounds of laughter and pleasant music to fill your soul. And sometimes, we even have yummy healthy snacks to taste!





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