Vito Siconolfi

Vito Siconolfi comes from an Island in the Mediterranean Sea called Ischia, in the province of Naples, Italy. Ischia is a thermal island with hundreds of natural thermal hot water springs, which are excellent to treat chronic illnesses of the muscle-skeletal system like osteoarthritis.  Ancient Romans went to Ischia thousands of years ago to bathe in those waters and to cure their ailments. Ischia is also known for therapy with massages of many kinds and for the beauty treatments.  The massage therapists in Ischia, like Vito, are trained for excellence and sought after.

In 2005, Vito followed the tradition of his beloved island and became a certified therapeutic massage therapist. He worked for SPAs in four and five-star hotels on the island and in a SPA in the mountains in northern Italy. The word SPA (Salus per Aquam) is derived from the Latin language, which means “health through water”.

Over the years of his profession, Vito took many specialized courses in Ayurveda massage, an anti-stress massage, lymphatic drainage massage and deep tissue techniques where the fascia trigger points release memorized pain. Vito is also experienced with foot and hand reflexology.

At Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center at Blakeney, we provide unique
and talented professionals. These professionals have special skills to transmit
positive energy to give well-being to the body and soul. We welcome our
patients to experience Vito’s pranotherapy (healing through touch) powers.

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