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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to be your mentors throughout your journey to achieving your best health! Please review frequently asked questions listed below and feel free to contact our staff for any other questions via email.

Our team at Weddington Wellness Center strives to provide you with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. We are here for you and to help you finally reach your desired health goals!

The best way to have most of your questions/concerns answered is to complete the health quiz so that we may assess your results and see exactly how we can help you best! However, we understand you may have other questions throughout your health journey, so we have included some of the most common we receive below:

We can help with most health complications affecting the aging process, but our focus areas are musculoskeletal pain, chronic stress and fatigue, adrenal dysfunction, detoxification/digestive issues, weight/fat loss, thyroid dysfunctions, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances, and cognitive decline.

The method is offered both in-office and online, as separate services, or ideally, as the 4-month program. The program follows the roadmap of structural care, biochemical care, and emotional/mental care. The 4-month Premium service includes the following:

· In-office care provides 4 months of biochemistry functional medicine guidance, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, HeartMath and cold laser treatments.
·The functional medicine care is available as an online virtual, and in-office guidance, with features that include: 1:1 consultation, evaluation of specific labs for physiological support.
· Metabolic Detoxification Reset program.

Patients can receive one service, but Premium plan is an optimal choice for total health approach. Please see our pricing options to learn more about us on the many ways you can get started on your health journey!

When you call, we’ll review your health quiz results and determine whether you need only one of our services, or if the Weddington Wellness Center full program is the best next step for you. We’ll go over any questions you may have about our approach and how it differs from what you’ve tried before so that you feel comfortable about the journey ahead!
Whether you follow our four-month program, or a specific service, we will guide you on the next steps of how to continue with your treatment and progress. Once the Premium level is completed, we encourage you to pursue our Platinum membership level. We want you to continue and maintain your progress for true health!

This depends on which programs you determine are best for you. However, we are committed to enhancing your access to the services, laboratory testing, and nutraceuticals you need through transparent and affordable pricing.
If you are receiving chiropractic care, you may file with eligible insurances. With the four- month program, chiropractic care can be filed after the introductory three visits. Please note, no other service can be filed through insurance by our office, but you can have the option to file it yourself. Your level of investment is your choice!
Please see our Pricing options for a full list and info on how to get started.

We do not treat for acute or urgent care, nor can we replace your current primary care physician’s treatments. We collaborate with primary care physicians, but Weddington Wellness Center provides a stand-alone service focused on eliminating root causes for creating and optimizing health.
We ask that you provide the information that we give you to your local primary care doctor as a network and complete your other medical and medication needs.
It is important to note the following however: If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency you will need to visit an ER or urgent care center.

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