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“Overall excellent experience, especially for those afraid of painful adjustments.”

Professional staff, Robin welcomes you and treats you like family. Dr Schwartz is not only a great chiropractor but also an ND, and so kind and efficient. He explained everything so well and gave us feedback to help foster a wellness routine at home. Overall excellent experience, especially for those afraid of painful adjustments.

Claudia B.

“I'll never go anywhere else!”

I'll never go anywhere else - Weddington Wellness is staffed with the smartest, most forward thinking, thoughtful and talented individuals. I've had my back and shoulders adjusted and I'm also a massage therapy client. This office works miracles and if you're struggling with a pain or ailment, I HIGHLY recommend you come see if these doctors before going anywhere else.

Adrian K.

“I recommend Dr. Merritt and her staff very highly”

I found Weddington Wellness through my Jazzercise Instructor back in September 2021 and they did not disappoint. The staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The office is spotless and inviting. Dr. Lisa Merritt, herself, is a gem. She is versed in the chiropractic field as well in nutrition. My issues were chiropractic and digestion and through her expertise and knowledge my issues have subsided and I am able to function normally once again. I recommend Dr. Merritt and her staff very highly.

Pat V.

“This place feels like home.”

What I love most is the holistic approach the Dr. takes and the plethora of other wellness services she offers for a well rounded approach to healing and wellness. I now not only receive chiropractic adjustments here, but I have also taken advantage of the massage, nutrition and acupuncture services as well. I must say the acupuncture has become my favorite service so far as I have genuinely noticed lots of physical improvements in just a few sessions - from reduction of cravings to controlling/managing post covid wheezing, the results have been astounding. I'm a huge proponent of alternative modalities, energy healing and natural wellness. This place feels like home. So happy to have found this business to aid in my wellness journey. Don't hesitate to give them a try. Everyone is wonderful there and the services are even better!

Christina R.

“It is pure joy to visit them just to see their smiles and hear their well wishes.”

I normally don't do online reviews but this is one huge exception. WCWC is genuinely committed to my improvement. Whether it is an adjustment, acupuncture, or nutritional session Drs Merritt and Schwartz are superb. They take time to know you not just treat you. And I can't say enough of the support staff. Jill and Kelsey move mountains to make each patient feel at home. It is pure joy to visit them just to see their smiles and hear their well wishes. You deserve the opportunity to visit WCWC, you won't regret it.

Henry O.

“Top notch!”

After 27 year's visiting your practice--I would say that defines our respect for what you and your staff provide. Top notch!

James H.

“The office is very friendly all around!”

My initial assessment with Dr. Schwartz was excellent. He walked through some of the potential areas of needs with me. Providing me with support and initial plans for wellness. The office is very friendly all around. I look forward to further visits with Weddington Chiropractic.

John G.


“Simply put, Dr.Merritt and her program are amazing”

Simply put, Dr.Merritt and her program are amazing. She has a unique way of encouraging and empowering women to be the best that they can be. She offers advice and recommendations on aging gracefully, not only as a physician, but also like a best friend would. Dr. Merritt is kind and caring, and completely nonjudgmental. I highly recommend this program.

Lauri B. ~ NC


“I finally feel like I can STAY healthy with all the guidance!”

With her Weddington Wellness Center program, she covers body, mind, health, and lifestyle steps to help you live a longer, healthier life. I suffered from unwanted weight gain, was not sleeping well, and lacked energy, but Dr. Merritt and her team offered one-on-one guidance and mentorship to keep me accountable through my issues. I feel like I can STAY healthy because I have had more guidance and success than ever! If you are similar to me, I can truly say it'll be a wonderful program for you. I am living my best life!

Lori R. ~ FL
Real Estate Agent


“Now I can be proactive about my health so I can age as well as my mom!”

Weddington Wellness has inspired me to be proactive about my health, and even in my mid-20s, her guidance has taught me how to prevent chronic illnesses that I don’t want to happen later in my life. By working with Dr. Merritt, I feel confident that I will look and be healthy as I age (and hopefully I'll age as well as my mom has!)

Cailin B. ~ NC
Marketing & Finance


“I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Lisa Merritt”

As a senior-aged woman who wants to remain "forever young," I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Lisa Merritt, and the Weddington Wellness Center! The approach that Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Merritt live by is holistic and combines all of her knowledge and training in Nutrition and Alternative Medicine - all of which align with my heart and mind! She provides daily insights, tips, thought-provoking questions, and most important to me, the ability to engage with her on a one-on-one basis.

Denise T. ~ IL


“Dr. Merritt and her team kept me accountable”

I don’t fear aging, I fear pain. And being able to feel well and pain-free is my ideal way to age. I started Dr. Merritt's program because I wanted to sleep better and not lay in bed hurting. Under Dr. Merritt’s training, I learned how to minimize my aching joints and sore muscles because I learned where my problems stemmed from. Dr. Merritt and her team gave me insight and a system that held me accountable to making the lifestyle changes I needed.

Cynthia M. ~ CA
President & CEO, North Bay Leadership Council


“I love the sense of humor incorporated into the practice”

I started my journey with Weddington Wellness Center because of the integrative healthcare services that are offered. Dr. Merritt, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Arisman all follow the Weddington Wellness Center and believe that functional medicine and good nutrition is important for overall health and longevity. Their compassion and holistic approach has guided me to learn more about my body and mind. The Weddington Wellness Center offers nutritional counseling along with anti-aging remedies.

Christine S. ~ NC
Events Coordinator

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“If you’ve never had her teach or treat you, I highly recommend her services.”

I am 62 years old and I live in Florida. Dr. Merritt is my “go to” health care advisor, and the guidance I’ve received from her over the years has provided me with most all of my medical needs. I’ve known Lisa my whole life, so I have had the benefit of her growth and knowledge and trust, which is invaluable to me. From a vitamin regimen, to exercise techniques and stretching, to bloodwork and many of the unknowns of symptoms that medical doctors have taken years to figure out, she always seems to be one step ahead.

Linda P. ~ FL
Life Coach & Lifetime Friend of Dr. Merritt


“My self-confidence has increased and I am more motivated than ever”

From the moment I started working with Dr. Merritt and her team, everyone was so friendly and nice and it has continued to be that way - I don't feel like I'm just a patient, I feel like I am a family friend. I was able to see a difference after my first treatment, and even my mom could physically see improvements just by looking at me! My self-confidence has increased and I am more motivated than ever to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Sheena B. ~ NC


“Her anti-aging method has helped me be mindful”

Every time I want to learn about any health issues, I know Dr. Merritt has the answers! I needed help with keeping my skin and bones healthy and she knew what type of collagen I should take. She also taught me how to help my stomach aches so now I can digest my food better without heartburn... I never realized how stress could make my stomach shut down! She is very dedicated and her anti-aging method has helped me be mindful of the food I eat and how to have a positive attitude.

Gayle M. ~ NC

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