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Total Health Approach

Weddington Wellness wants to help you reach your “Y” for long-term goals!  By addressing symptoms related to structural pain, health decline, or brain function, our approach resolves your symptoms to optimize longevity!

Our Unique Roadmap

At Weddington Wellness Center, we follow the Merritt Wellness Roadmap as a unique approach to help patients regain their energy, focus, and physical balance, so they can finally feel and look their absolute best.

This plan will build resiliency to promote a stronger immune system, improve sleep, optimize nutrition, enhance detoxification, balance mindset, and build functional movement. 

Merritt Wellness Roadmap

Our Approach Is Different

At Weddington Wellness, you’ll be joined by team of professionals, specializing in functional medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, stress management, therapeutic massage, exercise physiology and fitness, to ensure the fastest return to health and the most complete system of care. Our founder, Dr. Lisa Merritt, developed The Weddington Wellness Center, in which she, and her team, focus on an integrative approach addressing three sides of health, called the “Triangle of Health”, connecting the structural, biochemical, and emotional needs of every individual.

Our Guidance

Depending on the severity of the problem(s), most of our patients with chronic symptoms of pain, fatigue, hormone imbalances, digestive complaints and more, experience significant improvements with symptom relief within 2-3 weeks of care. If you still not sure, a Discovery Call/Visit is a great way to get started!

Free Discovery Consult

Fill out our Health Quiz and schedule a FREE 15-minute talk/phone call. This "discovery" session is reviewed with our health coach. We will answer your questions and determine how Weddington Wellness can help you!

1:1 Consultation with the Doctor

Following your free discovery call, an in-office, or virtual, intake is scheduled with the doctor to review your history and begin your personalized plan. This 30-minute consultation begins your roadmap and gives insight on how healing is possible!

Health Optimization

Whether you choose individual services, or follow our 6-month program, we always provide personalized services. Positive results can be felt quickly, but lifelong changes are made when new habits are created. We are with you all the way!

Collaborative care gets you back on track uniting biochemistry with structural and mental health services. Our goal is to optimize your health, so it stays in balance.

Find out what many doctors might be missing and why our healthcare is not a “one-size fits all”. When it comes to getting your body at peak performance, it’s personal!

Take The First Step Today On Your
Journey To Health and Vitality

Do you have questions about our services and program on starting your path for better health and longevity? Click below to take our free health quiz and determine if Weddington Wellness Center is right for you!

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