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Dr. Benjamin Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Illinois where he spent five years honing his chiropractic techniques and naturopathic medicine fundamentals. Dr. Schwartz is also a board-certified acupuncturist (C.Ac).

Other than his mother being the original inspiration towards living a healthy lifestyle and him becoming a doctor, he first learned about chiropractic and alternative medicine while in undergrad at Roanoke College. It was there that he first developed a passion for learning more effective treatments and practices compared to those of Western medicine’s conventional approaches. As a holistic practitioner, his utmost goal is to educate & empower patients to achieve their best health while discovering the root causes of their symptoms and facilitating the body’s ability to adapt and heal. Because of Weddington Wellness’ variety of integrative services, Dr. Schwartz truly enjoys being a part of such a dynamic team that follows an effective and comprehensive medical approach.

After enduring five, long Chicago winters, Dr. Schwartz is grateful to live on the east coast again and closer to his roots in Virginia. Raised in Richmond and having attended undergrad in Roanoke, the state of Virginia is where he first discovered his love for the outdoors and appreciation for nature. He currently lives with his girlfriend, Mackenzie, and dog, Harley, and enjoys hiking, traveling, skateboarding, playing sports, kayaking, and discovering new music.

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