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Top 10 brain rich foods

Here are 10 dietary habits I would suggest improving cognitive function.

1. Eat the good fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and avocados and stay away from all bad fats such as fried foods or chips. These fats improve memory and focus.

2. Three to four times a day eat healthy small portions of proteins such as Alaskan wild caught salmon, free range eggs and raw unsalted nuts and seeds e.g. walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Proteins keep your blood sugar balanced and the brain needs constant fuel to stay alert and maintain high function.

3. Have 6-7 servings per day of low starch veggies such as celery, broccoli and green leafy vegetables. These foods are high in Vitamin A and K and provide antioxidants to remove inflammation in the brain.

4. Two to three servings of fruits e.g. blueberries and blackberries provide Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fiber that can prevent brain degeneration.

5. Three times a week, include beets, carrots, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the brain.

6. Bone broth (bones simmered 45 minutes) provide immune building collagen and improves intestinal function. Remember beef or chicken soup helps with colds too! A healthy gut helps make a healthy brain.

7. Dark Chocolate (70%-85%) is high in flavonoids, rich in antioxidants and has brain protective qualities.

8. Sugar is the most detrimental “food” and a low sugar and low carbohydrate diet is recommended for optimum health and mental clarity. This will keep the weight off too! Sweets are a treat and should be given only once or twice a month for special occasions.

9. Hydration is extremely important and eight 8 oz. glasses of purified water is essential each day. No power, caffeinated or energy drinks are needed.

10. Natural spices and condiments e.g. turmeric, ginger and garlic improve blood flow and improve brain function. Our brain and spinal column are the central nervous system. All functions of the body come from this intricate messaging system. Balancing your life naturally through Chiropractic, Acupuncture, exercise, good nutrition and a positive outlook will give you your best chance to maintain a healthy long life!

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